Give a Helping Hand for Children

Noble Dream Foundation is a leading humanitarian non-profit organization for the less privileged, widows, widowers, orphans and children across Africa

Food Donate

Help reduce starvation and malnutrition across Africa

Medical Care

Help us cure and treat sickness and diseases in Africa 

Child Education

We are giving thousand of less privileged schoolarship

Our main goal is to help poor people !


We’ve funded $44,007 charity for around the world.

We make positive impact in the lives of struggling widows, widowers, orphans, single mother and children. We believe every child deserve a bright future in Africa and around the world



Recent Causes

Explore Our Causes

We’re on a mission to carry out these causes as God permits us. If you want to be part of this great mission, you can donate to a cause.

The consumption of contaminated water have resulted to the spread of diseases such as dysentery, coliform, typhoid fever etc, leading to hundreds of children dying each year to prevent potential health problems that could result in communicable disease outbreaks, there is a need to provide safe drinking water for rural communities and local school. We assist communities and local schools by providing them with clean borehole drinking water and to ensure that all boreholes are purified and safe. Your donation will help save lives please support Noble Dream Foundation to provide clean drinking water to the rural communities and local school.

Pure Water

Bring Clean Water

Thousands of people in the rural area do not have clean water to drink






Give Children's Education

Many children accross Africa cannot afford a good education





Medical & Health

Fundraise For Health Care

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Recent Events

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We’ve planned out some events and programs to help people on the grass root. Below are some of the programs we facilitate from time to time 

Widows Empowerment

Noble Dream Foundation Widows program is designed to empower widows’ widowers, single mother and teach new skills

Youth Empowerment And Fundraising Program

Noble Dream Foundation collaborated closely with local organizations throughout Africa to provide young people with training in employability, entrepreneurship, and life skills.

Emergency Student Fund Program

Noble Dream Foundation support students who cannot afford to pay for their tuition fee


Emergency Appeal

Noble Dream Foundation work tirelessly to support vulnerable communities and individuals, providing critical aid and services to those in need. However, due to recent events, our resources have been stretched thin and we urgently require your support.

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Best Team

Meet Our Volunteers

Without this amazing team, Noble Dream Foundation would have found it difficult to achieve its goals of helping the world. These are so dedicated to the vision and won’t stop


William Wright

Doctorate degree in pharmaceutical engineering


Alexa Great

She is an humanitarian and philantrophist, USA


Marion Hon

Earned BNS at school of nursing, University of Chicago


Mark Hughes

Full time project manager and HR at NDF

Become A Volunteer For Save People's Life

We are currently looking for volunteers across Africa. Thanks you for your interest in becoming a volunteer. Your time and expertise is needed. We run several programs designed to impact knowledge for the less privileged

We Can't Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone


Our Supporters Voice

These people have been with us for decades and they have good things to say about us

Mark Hughes


NDF has always been delivering as they have declared. Their transparency and integrity are second to none

Allesio Dunn


Am so happy that am part of this great organization. As a result of their operations around the world, I found purpose

Tyler Curtis


The best decision of my life in recent times is to be part of this great organization. Please don’t stop the good work you’re into