The Noble Dream Foundation program offers an opportunity for a planned future gift to enable donors to create philanthropic legacy for potential donors to donate through WILL and trusts to non-profits listing Noble Dream Foundation as your beneficiary in your Policy will create a powerful philanthropic legacy.
If you wish to leave a charitable donation such as a beneficiary gift, General gift, Pecuniary gift, Residual gift, Contingent gift, or Legacy gift such as Real estate, Land, Residential, Vehicles, Artwork, the sum of cash, Antiques, Jewellery, Stocks Mutual fund, etc. Bequeath designated Noble Dream Foundation as a primary beneficiary of your policy.
Funding and supporting Noble Dream Foundation a non-profit organization, give the opportunity to those who haven’t had the ability to make a major gift donation during their lifetime by donating to (N.D.F) Noble Dream Foundation to contribute to the less privileged cause and project in Africa and around the world.

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  • Drafting your WILL
  • Creating and Updating your WILL
  • Beneficiary form
  • Update your WILL.
  • Write Noble Dream Foundation as Beneficiary to your contract policy
  • Change the beneficiary’s name on your policy if your primary benefactor did not survive.
  • Decide the percentage on your policy up to (100%) bequeath to Noble Dream Foundation.
  • Consult your financial institution, or plan administrator, or contact our free attorney for advice for inquiry for more information contact us

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