There are so many ways to give a lasting profound charitable gift to the less privileged. If you have included us in your policy as a beneficiary let us know. Let us know if you included a gift by beneficiary designation to Noble Dream Foundation letting us know is the best way to ensure that your gifts are honoured.
We are grateful to donor who have named us as beneficiaries. You can give a free will gifts, such as a Residuary gift, specific gifts, contingent gifts etc.

*To donate asset, It takes simple step to donate asset to Noble Dream Foundation.

*Contact your attorney, retirement plan administrator, insurance, company, bank or financial institution and change the beneficiary form.

*Decide the percentage 1% – 100% you will like Noble Dream Foundation to get.

Europe: +420 770 612 777
Nigeria: +234 704 777 7561

Ghana: +233 24 550 0843